About Us

UAC’s Ukrainian Program began in June of 1995. It was founded after my first trip to Ukraine in April 1995, when I witnessed horrifying conditions in the orphanages of Odessa while shooting a documentary video there.

“UAC” Ukraine strives to improve the quality of life for thousands of abandoned and displaced children through direct aid.

Uac Ukraine currently serves more than twenty institutions in the Odessa region. An excellent local staff of trained professionals keeps up ongoing support. We offer a wide range of direct services, including nutrition, primary healthcare, psychological counseling, and educational programs for both staff and children. UAC has also engineered major renovations of the many extremely run-down buildings that children call home.

UAC’s Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program is designed to prepare the teenage orphans for higher education and life management in the outside world.

Western volunteers travel to Odessa to to offer their aid, expertise and compassion.

The success of UAC’s Ukrainian Program has been the result of many talented volunteers and sponsors, willing to donate their time and resources to these grateful people. Please join us in our continuing effort to relieve the pain and suffering of these needy and deserving children half a world away. You can make a difference!

Clara Pascal

Founder/Director, UAC Ukraine Program