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“Pocket Change Partners” for new stairs at Orphanage #34!

One of UAC’s invaluable volunteers, John Nickleach, is organizing a campaign called “Pocket Change Partners” in order to raise money for the construction of new stairs at Orphanage #34.  The stairs that currently lead to the second floor are DANGEROUS; The rusted metal has given way in many spots.  This is unfortunate because the 150+ children at #34 cannot safely get to the many useful rooms on the second floor, including the Christian reading room that was constructed by Vineyard Community Church, and the Beauty Shop, which was built with the help of Travelers Insurance and is used by beauty-school students to practice cutting the other orphan’s hair.

John is looking for churches, schools, youth groups, etc. to help collect “pocket change” to fund this much needed stair reconstruction.  The cost of the project is about $5,200 and John has already raised about half– WAY TO GO!  That means we are still about $2,600 short of the goal.  If you are interested in forming a group to collect pocket change/small donations for this project, please contact John at, or you may contact UAC directly at

Let’s all put that spare change to good use!

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Katya needs our help!

Katya is an 18 year old girl who studies at Orphanage #7.  She has congenital cerebral paralysis, and suffers from spasticity and hip dislocation.  In order to be able to walk, she must undergo an operation called Gant’s osteotomy.  Katya is currently finishing her medical evaluations and will then know the price of this surgery.    She is concerned that if she cannot afford the surgery and cannot walk, she will be sent to a home for invalids.  As an orphan with no financial support from family, Katya needs our help to be able to pay for this much needed surgery!

Can you pitch in and make it possible for Katya to walk again?  Every little bit counts!  For more information please contact us at  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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Nonin makes medical procedures possible!

A very special THANK YOU goes out to Nonin, which recently donated several pulse oximetry machines to UAC!  The machines are already being utilized on children at the Stomatological Clinic.  Dr. Gennady and Anatoly Gulyuk sent Clara and Nonin a very nice thank you letter, including the following:

“Professor Anatoly Gulyuk and anaesthetist Gennady Gladky sincerely thank our colleagues for their help in getting pulse ox machines.  The equipment will let us control the condition of each child’s heart during and after operation.  Thank you for your prompt reaction in fulfilling this need!”


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Christmas gifts for children at the Orphanage for the Blind

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UAC brings the Christmas spirit to Odessa!

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Boys at Fontanka enjoy Christmas gifts from UAC!

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Christmas pictures! Orphanage #34

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Christmas cheer at Belgorod!

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Christmas at Alexandrovka!

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