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Ukraine orphan statistics from the World Orphan Project

These statistics show just how crucial our work is in Ukraine…

  • Ukraine has over 100,000 orphans.

  • Only 10% of these are orphaned due to death of a parent; the rest are social orphans – due to alcoholism, abandonment, or imprisonment of parents.

  • Every year, more than 2,000 mothers abandon their babies in maternity hospitals. Between 6 and 7 thousand more are abandoned at an older age or removed from home due to crime or neglect.

  • Many social orphans have experienced abuse and violence from parents who were drug addicts or alcoholics.

  • Orphans typically grow up in large state-run homes, which may house over 200 children.

  • Many children run away from these homes, preferring to live on the street.

  • Children usually graduate from these institutions between 15 and 16 years old and are turned out, unprepared for life outside the home.

  • About 10% of them will commit suicide after leaving the orphanage before their 18th birthday.

  • 60% of the girls will end up in prostitution. Those who run prostitution rings target orphaned girls, who are especially vulnerable due to their lack of options and lack of people who care what happens to them. Though promised good jobs, they end up on the streets and brothels of cities across Europe.

  • 70% of the boys will enter a life of crime. Many of these will die young of violence or end up in prison. Most inmates contract TB in prison.
Source: World Orphan Project,

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Children at The Shelter put on a great Peace Day performance!

The same day that kids from #4 and #5 celebrated Peace Day at Victoria Camp, the children at The Shelter put on a wonderful performance in celebration of Peace Day!  Kids of all ages danced, sang, and recited verses related to the peace theme.  They also enjoyed some great team oriented relay races.  UAC staff and orphanage caregivers did a great job coordinating the festivities at The Shelter!


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Peace Day 2009 was a joyous event in Odessa!

On Saturday, September 19th, the children from Orphanages #4 and #5 participated in a joyous Peace Day celebration organized by UAC at Victoria Camp!  The day was fun-filled and included activities such as chalk drawing, coloring, watercolor painting, soccer games, relay races, jumping rope, temporary tatoos, singing, and much more!  The concept of peace was celebrated by all– just check out the pictures and see for yourself!

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Current needs: Fontanka Boy’s Home

Fontanka is one of the neediest institutions at this time.  With very little funding from the State, the institution and the 48 boys who live there often go without.  The following are considered urgent needs at Fontanka:

  • Roof repair for the educational building– $8,500 (see pictures below)
  • Funds for food (see pictures below)
  • New mattresses for 45-60 beds (see pictures below)
  • Art supplies– yarns, cloth, paint, beads, etc.  The boys can create some really great artwork when the materials are available!

If you would like to help fulfill any of these needs, please do let us know! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

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Current needs: Orphanage #34

Orphanage #34 is home to many children with special needs and learning disabilities.  In order to prepare these children for life after the orphanage, the staff do their best to teach them trades such as bricklaying, woodworking, metalworking, sewing, arts, music/dance, etc.  Unfortunately, materials to teach these trades are limited.  The following items could greatly benefit the children at Orphanage #34!

  • Paint rollers and paint brushes
  • Overalls/smocks/gloves (to wear when working)
  • Basic building tools– hammers, screw drivers, nails, tape measures, etc.
  • Cement mixer (cost: $200)
  • Small percussion instruments
  • Sewing materials– threads, yarns, cloth, zippers, etc.
  • Sewing machines
  • Jewelry making materials– beads, threads, etc.

If you or someone you know is involved with any of these trades and would be willing to help,please let us know!  Many things could be shipped to Ukraine. For more info:


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UAC welcomes Alla Belaya as our new coordinator for the Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program

Alla was in the first class of the Scholarship Program back in 1998. She has her degree in education from the Teaching University in Odessa and she taught at the Orphanage for the Blind.
We are proud to now have Allla on our UAC Ukraine team! It is a beautiful testament to the endurance and success of our program. Welcome Alla!

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Four 2009 graduates and new members of the Scholarship Program are ready to start their studies at professional school #26!

Scholarship students Dima Prikhodko, Stanislav Kamnev, Alexander Laptyev and Alexey Lubushkin

From left to right: Scholarship students Dima Prikhodko, Stanislav Kamnev, Alexander Laptyev and Alexey Lubushkin

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Joy at Robin’s Nest Camp 2009!

More than 300 orphans enjoyed all the festivities of Robin’s Nest Camp in July!

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