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Scholarship student | UAC Ukraine Relief

Scholarship student

Letters of gratitude

A few letters of gratitude from February, 2010…

Hello, dear Clara!!!

First of all I want to thank you for letting me be a participant of the UAC Scholarship Program. I write you about this in every letter. It’s very great that we have you, and I don’t know how to express the love, belief and joy which you give us.

I wish you all the best!

With love,

Sergey Kulyaba.

Hello, dear Clara!

These are the kids of Orphanage #5 and Yevgeny Victorovich, a caretaker, writing to you.

We would like to express our big gratitude for everything you do for our school.

First, we want to thank you very much for the financial help for purchasing the meal for New Year’s Day. Thanks to you and other kind people, kids here celebrated New Year’s Day like being at home and with a circle of family. The tables were very festive. This New Year was the best one. We think you got pictures?

Second, we want to thank you very much for the laundry washing machine! We are very glad that now we can wash our favorite clothes, which you present us, without problems. It is cool!!! Now, we are sitting all together and writing you this letter. Everybody says ‘hi’ to you! Everybody misses you, especially Nastya Ivanova!

Once again we thank you very much! Thank you! We love you!

Kids of Orphanage #5.

Hello, Clara!

How are you? How is your health? I hope everything is fine!

I got a job. The salary is very low, therefore your monthly help supports me very much! Thank you for your help, for the money you give me for my skin treatment and for the Christmas bonus. I’m glad that you are with us. We love you very much!

Yours sincerely,

Anya Slavova (Scholarship student)

Hello, dear Clara!

Thank you for finding means for every one of us. Thank you for helping us in such hard times. Thank you for not being indifferent to us – orphans who need your care and kindness. I passed exams already and got good marks thanks to you. Thank you for your care, which we feel even with the  distance. May God save you!

With love and respect,

Diana Melnichyuk (Scholarship student)

The administration and the staff of psycho-neurological orphanage “Sun” (#3) express thankfulness to you for the help you provided.  We installed lamps for illumination outside the orphanage. There are 165 children in the orphanage now. There are children with AIDS, kids with central nervous system disorders, invalids and children with congenital diseases.

Thank you very much for your heart warmth towards the kids who were left by their parents in the very early ages.

The head physician

S.V. Terletskaya

(Orphanage #3)

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Everyone smiles in the same language

Scholarship students Sasha and Aleksey were all smiles after receiving gifts from their sponsors recently.  No need to translate their “thank yous”– Their smiles say it all!

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