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Thank you, Peace Day donors and volunteers!

UAC's "A Peace of the Heart" celebration would not have been possible without such wonderful volunteers and donors!  Volunteers worked all day to help set up, organize, assist children with crafts, paint faces, help with the raffle, fill goody bags, prepare food, and much more!  THANK YOU, volunteers!  

Hip hip hooray.....UAC celebrated Peace Day!

As many of you know, UAC has celebrated International Peace Day (September 21) with our children in Odessa for the past few years.  This year, we expanded our celebrations and held "A Peace of the Heart" children's Peace Day festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The kids had a great time coming together to celebrate peace!  

UAC Scholarship Program team meets with new Scholarship students

Last week the UAC Scholarship Program team held a group meeting with the new Scholarship students from orphanages #4, #5, #7 and Fontanka.  The students reviewed the rules of the Scholarship Program and had opportunities to express questions and concerns.  All of the teens were given some school supplies and hygiene supplies to help start the school year off on the right foot!  Can you spot your Scholarship student in the photos?! 

Scholarship Program graduate expresses gratitude to Clara and UAC

(August, 2010)

Hello, dear Clara,

It is Lubov Mokhova writing to you.

Yes, $50 can make a difference in a child's life!

People often wonder, "If I donate $50, how will that money help?"  or "What exactly can you get with my $50 donation?"  Well, here are just a few examples of what your $50 donation can provide:

Children having an amazing time at Victoria Camp!!!

Children from orphanages #4 and #5 are having a great time at Victoria Camp this summer!  Check out these pictures and all the smiling faces!  Loving, caring volunteers and financial and staff support from UAC all make Victoria Camp a fun and memorable experience for the children.  THANKS to everyone who is making these smiles possible!!! 

Clara and the UAC Scholarship Program team interview new Scholarship students

This year we have over 35 orphanage graduates who are joining the Scholarship Program!  Clara Pascal and the UAC Scholarship Program team recently met with all of the new Scholarship students and interviewed them to assess their educational goals, needs, etc.  Many students still need caring sponsors to support them as they begin college/vocational school and start living on their own.  Make a difference in a young person's life and beco

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