Odessa's cold winter makes these donations invaluable!

2 boys from Fontanka help with boxes of donations
2 boys from Fontanka help with boxes of donations

New Hope for Children provides gifts for the Orphanage for the Blind

The children at the Orphanage for the Blind recently received gifts which were sent to Odessa by New Hope for Children.  Thanks, New Hope for Children, for providing these special kids with plenty of warm winter clothing!

Peace Day 2009 was a joyous event in Odessa!

On Saturday, September 19th, the children from Orphanages #4 and #5 participated in a joyous Peace Day celebration organized by UAC at Victoria Camp!  The day was fun-filled and included activities such as chalk drawing, coloring, watercolor painting, soccer games, relay races, jumping rope, temporary tatoos, singing, and much more!  The concept of peace was celebrated by all-- just check out the pictures and see for yourself!

UAC volunteers spend time with medically needy children from Orphanage #7

Recently UAC volunteers Neena Griffin, R.N., and Kathy Forbes, along with their own teenagers, visited children from Orphanage #7 in Odessa.  This orphanage is home to many medically needy children, including several with cerebral palsy. The children from Orphanage #7 were very happy to have visitors!

Clara's most recent trip to Odessa!

Clara is back from visiting all of her children and staff in Odessa!  More details and pictures of her trip to follow, so check back soon! A touching moment as Luke Pascal plays piano for the nannies who once cared for him as a baby at  Orphanage #3 more than 12 years ago!
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