"Hats off" to our great donors!

UAC's Luda Serbina recently gave out warm winter hats and gloves to the children at The Shelter.  "Hats off" to everyone who donated these items!

Thank YOU for helping us spread Christmas cheer to Odessa's orphaned and displaced children!

Christmas was a little brighter this year for all of the children that we serve in Odessa!  The smiling faces in these pictures are a result of your care and generosity.  On behalf of all of the children and the entire UAC-Ukraine team, THANK YOU! Igor played "Santa" at Orphanage #9

A peek inside the November, 2009 Scholarship Program meeting!

In addition to their monthly scholarship, students were happy to receive clothing and toiletry items that had been donated by many generous individuals!  Thank you to everyone who has donated items for the Scholarship Program-- Your donations put smiles on the students' faces and make their lives a little brighter! 

Scholarship Program Success Story!

Scholarship student Larissa Batalova is one of many examples of what students can accomplish through UAC's Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program!  One year ago Larissa graduated from the Art Department of Odessa Teaching University, and recently she received her Certificate of Interior Design.  Larissa is now working as a designer at a private firm.  UAC congratulates Larissa on all of her accomplishments!

Boys at Orphanage #4 enjoy a tasty cooking lesson!

A small group of boys at Orphanage #4 recently enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a cooking class in the building's home-ec kitchen.  For a while, the kitchen could not be used by the children due to faulty electrical wiring and a lack of cookware and kitchen supplies.  Thanks to UAC, these problems have been remedied!  Svetlana the home-ec teacher is thrilled to be able to teach the children how to cook-- And the children seem equally thrilled to learn!  Cooking is an important life skill that children in the orphanages often fail to learn, so we are all excited about the opportunities t

UAC helps fulfill Scholarship students' needs

Participants of the Scholarship Program routinely receive much more than their $50 scholarship each month.  UAC works hard to fulfill all of the Scholarship students' different needs, including medical/dental/optical care, psychological counseling, legal representation, spiritual guidance, school supplies and uniforms, dormitory items, etc.  Many of the Scholarship students have no one else to turn to for these requests.  Please take a look at the pictures below to see how UAC's "helping hand" has been at work recently!

UAC represented at Washington, D.C. area Ukrainian festival!

We are proud to say that UAC was well represented at the Washington, D.C. area Ukrainian festival held in September!  Irina Tishchenko, our beloved former Scholarship Program Director, did a great job speaking at the festival about her experience working with orphans through UAC's Ukrainian Program.  Irina also told the audience all about our Peace Day celebrations with the orphans in Odessa!  Two UAC Scholarship students, Ilona Sukhanova and Tatiana Scherbachenko, also happened to be in the U.S.

Children at The Shelter put on a great Peace Day performance!

The same day that kids from #4 and #5 celebrated Peace Day at Victoria Camp, the children at The Shelter put on a wonderful performance in celebration of Peace Day!  Kids of all ages danced, sang, and recited verses related to the peace theme.  They also enjoyed some great team oriented relay races.  UAC staff and orphanage caregivers did a great job coordinating the festivities at The Shelter! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CHILDREN'S PEACE DAY PERFORMANCE!
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