Construction Projects

Creating Healing Environments  

Our reconstruction challenges are big in the run down facilities in Odessa. Our first rate construction crew does a great job at renovating these places the children call home. We strive to design healing, harmonious environments for the children to be children in.                                   


Our projects have included recreation rooms, complete bathroom and shower makeovers, gymnasiums, classrooms, bedrooms and playgrounds. The spaces we provide become a place to gather for good. Our renovation projects have dramatically improved the quality of everyday life for thousands of institutionalized children. Funding for these massive efforts is sorely needed. The labor and the love are both available! 


Improving Facilities for Children with Special Needs

For the past two years, Reese Pannell and his father have partnered with UAC Ukraine to make significant improvements to several Odessa institutions that serve children with special needs. Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of deserving children will now benefit from the following:      

"Reese's Gym" at Orphanage #34

"Team Reese" raised over $22,000 to reconstruct the dilapidated gymnasium at this facility which is home to nearly 160 children with autism, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, ADHD, dyslexia and other special needs. The cheerful, fully functional gymnasium will surely make a positive impact on the physical and emotional well being of these sweet children!  


New bathroom facility at Orphanage #34


Dining hall renovation at Orphanage #34


New bedroom & bathroom at Alexandrovka Psychiatric Hospital children's ward


New windows in the sleeping room at Alexandrovka Psychiatric Hospital children's ward


Other Orphanage Construction & Renovation Projects Completed by UAC & Our Partners

New living room at Fontanka Boys' Home

UAC and several special donors helped transform a dilapidated room at Fontanka Boys' Home facility into a living room where the boys can spend time together relaxing.  


Stair rebuild at Orphanage #34

 These stairs at Orphanage #34 were reconstructed with the help of UAC's construction team and funds from John Nickleach, Travelers Insurance and St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Previously, children could not safely reach the classrooms on the second floor.


Dental clinic renovation at Fontanka Boys' Home

Dental volunteers Joyce Smallcomb, RDH and Mary Kellerman, RDH, worked with UAC to help replace non-working equipment with a brand new dental unit at Fontanka boy's home facility.  New paint, windows and flooring helped transform the dental clinic and make it fully functional.


Classroom renovation at Orphanage #34 



Laundry room repairs at Orphanage #4

Dedicated volunteer John Nickleach funded new doors and windows for the laundry room at Orphanage #4. He also organized donors to help remodel the linen closet which was filled with dangerous mold and mildew.