Slobodka Regional Hospital (children's ward)

Age Group:   5 years- 18 years
Number of Children:  40
UAC Contact:  Igor Shepyeta
Slobodka treats up to 700 children each year suffering from psychosis, epilepsy, depression and emotional and behavioral disorders. The children there are all from local institutions and orphanages or from socially disadvantaged families.

We routinely supply the children at Slobodka with medicine, food and other items of care.


 UAC's Alla Belaya works on a coloring project with two boys at Slobodka hospital. 


Institution for Mentally Challenged Children

Age Group:   6 years- adult
Number of Children:  150+
UAC Contact:  Igor Shepyeta
Many children at this facility spend much of their day confined to wheelchairs and strollers.

UAC staff members visit the kids regularly, providing them ongoing love and care.


Alexandrovka Psychiatric Hospital (children's ward)

Age Group:  5 years- 14 years
Number of Children:  30
UAC Contact:  Igor Shepyeta
One of the sleeping rooms at Alexandrovka children's ward. A special UAC Ukraine donor provided funds to replace the old, drafty windows in this room. The kids are no longer cold during the winter months.  

We supply the children at Alexandrovka with food and medicine on an ongoing basis. UAC staff members provide art and music lessons to improve the psychological well being of the young people who are institutionalized here.


Oblast Pediatric Hospital

Age Group:  newborn- 1 year
Number of Children:  20
UAC Contact:  Igor Shepyeta
The abandoned babies ward at Oblast Pediatric Hospital treats infants with serious medical problems such as birth defects, congenital infections, measles and chickenpox. UAC employs three baby nurses who care for the sick infants around the clock. We also supply medicine, diapers, formula and other necessities.  

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