Alena Zhuravskaya

Alena Zhuravskaya
Orphanage #7

I am Alena Zhuravskaya.

I was born in Zherebkovo village on the 28th of July, 1992. I was born with a diagnosis of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. I am from a poor family. My mother worked very hard to feed seven people. There were five girls in our family. Our father drank a lot, therefore he didn’t support the family at all. We lived poorly but our mother did everything for us not to feel it. We had different situations. Sometimes we were hungry but lived merrily. Our neighbors were surprised: How could we be merry when we lived so poorly?

We didn’t have our own house. We rented an apartment and had to pay for it. We always had to move to different apartments because we didn’t have enough money.

In 1997 my mother worked with a good man and he settled us in his former home. We lived there for three years until our mother’s death. It happened on September 11, 2000. Where did we have to go? I was taken by our neighbors, and my sisters – Tosya, Tanya and Vita-- were sent to an orphanage. Our sister Natasha was married already. I studied in a general school and did very well. Sometimes the neighbors who took me in didn’t treat me very well. After a year they decided to give me to an orphanage but they failed because of the documents. Nevertheless, after 3 ½  years I went to Odessa orphanage for handicapped children. I came on September 28, 2004. Everybody accepted me very well. I quickly made friends with other children. I began to study at the 4th grade level. I forgot those people who took me in and when I recall them I don’t feel angry.

I like reading books, listening to music, playing active games and communicating with people. Most of all I like to stay alone and think about how to make people’s communication with me easier. I like studying, knitting, embroidering and making presents for my friends. I take part in all school activities. I am fond of nature. All beauty and tenderness are in nature. Nature is life. I love life with all its advantages and disadvantages. To some it seems that there is a lot of evil in life but much depends on the individual. If we think badly about other people – we feel bad. But as people we depend on each other, therefore we have to remember that if we feel negative, other people will feel bad too.  

This year I’m finishing school and I want to enter Odessa Basic Medical School. I will do my best to study well for it.

When I was told about this charitable organization (UAC) I was very glad that such people exist. I want to wish such people well-being, happiness and love. I also dream to help people when I am independent. It is a great happiness to give happiness to others. There are kind people with noble hearts that exist in this world. 

I want to express my gratitude to Clara Pascal personally. I learned about her from Vera Stepanovna. She is helping us morally very much. I have nobody who can help me, therefore when I learned that somebody wants to help us financially and morally I could hardly help my tears and I began to thank God for such generosity, care and love.

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